You will find a third-party review of ATK Galleria,
ATK Natural & Hairy, and ATK Exotics below.

ATK Galleria

Thank you to x3guide for reviewing ATK Galleria.

ATK Galleria a.k.a Amkingdom is one of the most popular amateur/coed-sites on the net. There are good reasons why: This site has mostly all original and licenced* contents, produced by the rather well known photographer Denys DeFrancesco among others. The main niche* is pictures of nice looking 18-23 amateur girls from eastern europe. The site also contains some miscellaneous stories and videos but the main reason one would visit is the picture series*. The babe-factor is real high and the quality of the pictures is very good.

There are 2 main ways to navigate the contents - either through the excellent modelindex* which lets you look up your favorite babes and check out which pictureseries they are featured in, or you can browse by theme (Amateur, Coed, Girl-Girl etc). There is also a newspage which tells you what was added and when.

The content is updated 5 times a week with a batch of new material. Each update generally consists of 16 new picture-sets*, belonging to one of their themes - e.g. 16 sets of coed pics or 16 sets of lesbians. The pictures are rotated out after a while, with a lifetime of around 2 years. Currently (december 2001), there are over 7,000 series of pictures online, bringing the total number of pics close to the one-million-mark. Truly impressive.

Amkingdom has sustained great quality over a long period of time and this site is highly recommended.

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ATK Natural & Hairy

Thank you to x3guide for reviewing ATK Natural & Hairy.

Look no further if you're searching for "girls who celebrate that 70s look"

Tons and tons (and then some) of "girl next door" amateur babes is what you'll find on Amkingdom's "Natural and Hairy" site. You won't find many professional models here, just girls who popped in for a photoshoot or two and then were gone forever probably. Very little makeup and styling, no fancy getups and the posing is ....interesting at times to say the least! They do take the "amateur" bit seriously and the site is strictly-no-bullshit when it comes to the material you'll find here.

'So what's with the "hairy" bit - how hairy exactly are these ladies', I hear you shouting. 'Should I be afraid?'. Well I advise you to be prepared for anything and everything, but I'd say the emphasis is more on the Natural than the Hairy even through certainly .....yea you get the idea. There's a "Scary hairy" section which contains the real "Ok, I'm gonna need a machete here" themed pics. Hundreds of sets in that section alone.

Ok, have beaten the "they are amateurs" point to death I think so should mention that the majority of the shoots are still professionally set up - 95% nicely sized and sharp pictures. The site is absolutely stuffed full of content with currently 7,850 SETS of pictures. Almost as big as the original site and with no overlapping content whatsoever as far as I can tell (and I know the the regular ATK site rather well ). Each update consists of 6 new picturesets*, added 7 times weekly.

Browsing is done either by selecting a category ("Hair from the 70s", "Close Ups", "Young&Hairy", and so on), by time of update, or by using the model* index which contains thumbnails and names of every girl on the site. As good as it gets!

Improvements? Could use some more extras perhaps. The main focus is on pictures - there are a few videoclips actually but more of them would be nice.

Summary: In short, probably THE girl-next-door site to beat!

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ATK Exotics

Thank you to Jane's Guide for reviewing ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics is coming from the same fine folks who have brought us such websites as ATK Galleria & ATK Natural & Hairy. Every photo or vid clip they offer is a quality product. The focus here is increasing the diversity of their models. They offer softcore photos of black women, latinas, island girls, Asian, Mediterranean women, and more. In their hardcore section they offer these women in galleries of pregnant, foot fetish, interracial,watersports, and still more. Their girls all have natural breasts, and are 18-23 years old. When they describe their home hardware it sounds like the specs for a stealth fighter. Out front visitors will see just about as many softcore photo samples as they could ask for - two dozen on the first page, then click on the 'free site' and get a bunch more, and if you see a button there that says '72 more free pix here' you can believe it! Visiting surfers have no complaints here, and it's even better for members. Inside, members see a claimed 200,000 pics with updates averaging 1,000 pics four times a week. There are still images and video both. I didn't count what I saw, but it was a larger bounty of softcore & hardcore, both stills and movies, in all sorts of themes than you'll find most anywhere. They have models sorted alphabetically, with bios and links to everywhere you can find any of the models. Steep discount for purchasing multiple month packages. This is just one large well done site, large enough to satisfy anyone. Go for it. - Peter

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ATK Galleria

Thank you to Porn Living for reviewing ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria started their first site back in 1996, this means we are dealing with one of the older sites on the net. I have known this to cause a great deal of problems with a huge variety of quality ranging from great to lousy.

Well it appears ATK has stayed clear of that landmine, all the pictures here were a real pleasure to look at, and the fact that a lot of the pictures are shot by Denys Defrancesco doesn't make the deal any less sweeter.

In a futile attempt to get even an estimate of how much content you get access to here I ended up trying to count and add for at least 15 minutes till I just called it quits. I figured they must have all their content online then, but the archive number do not start from #1 they start from #35 that's odd. Anyways ATK says on the frontpage that they have 500.000 pictures online for your viewing pleasure and I believe them it's been a long time since I've seen such an extensive collection. All picture sets can be downloaded in .zip files for quicker building your own picture collection ;)

Like I briefly mentioned before the pictures are of high quality, because of the variety of photographers shooting for this site there is ofcourse a difference in style and sometimes sharpness, but all pictures are great. There seem to be equally many pictures of both hardcore and softcore and each of these sections gets categorized many times in to sub sections which makes it easy to find what you want.

I don't know why ATK keeps updating so aggressively but I ain't gonna tell them to stop that's for sure. They update each and every day, and these updates are not just 1 model gets added kind of deal. They add like 9 photo session each day, this might be because they dig into an offline archive I don't know, but either way you will never run out of content here you haven't seen before.

I am pretty excited about this site, talk about more "funk" for your buck, this is indeed a site that gives you your moneys worth. They have a new live feeds section leased from webmasters paradise, but I really don't think they need that at all, I sure hope they don't have to pay for it ;)

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